Reclining Positioning Power Armchair by Symmetrikit

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Reclining Positioning Power Armchair by Symmetrikit
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Linda at 905-969-2191. Or

SymmetrikiMulti-adjustable reclining armchair., with customizable full supports. Adjust side laterals, back support, head laterals, hip laterals, seat width and depth, arm rest height and angle, leg length, foot plate height. Comes with Symmetrikit “Fingerform Back” for best adjustability and support, providing orthopaedic correction as required. Tilt in Space and Recline capacity. Fully automatic electric controls allow for ease of tilt and recline transitions. Chair can be positioned fully flat if/when desired.
Red upholstery with black accents. Youth size. Excellent condition.
Purchased new in spring 2016 for $12,700 (receipts avail). Great deal.