Pressure Reduction Mattress

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Pressure Reduction Mattress
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The Quart Elite Big Turn mattress is a continuous air flow pressure reduction mattress with built-in lateral rotation therapy (20 or 40 degree angles), allowing the individual to be turned throughout their time in bed. The turning feature can be switched off or re-engaged at any time. This system effectively distributes a constant air flow, wicking moisture away from skin to reduce the likelihood of pressure related wounds, or to help heal such wounds. The mattress pressure is adjustable for individual needs/preferences, further assisting in the prevention or treatment of pressure related wounds, and has an Auto-Firm feature for quick inflation to significant firmness for care requirements. It has a quick deflate feature for CPR. The mattress has built-in side inflated bolsters for positioning safety. It has visual and auditory alarms in the event of power failure. Fits on a standard twin size bed or hospital bed.
Comes with 2 zip-on vapour-permeable washable covers. Comes from a smoke and bed bug free home.
Mattress is in excellent condition, used for about 4 years. Was purchased new for $10,000 (receipt avail) plus $500 each for the mattress covers.