Survey on Exoskeleton --- please take less than 5 minutes to help

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Survey on Exoskeleton --- please take less than 5 minutes to help
Contact Information:

Our company is called ExoPlus Solutions and is based in London, Ontario. The founder, Mitchel Brogan, has several other projects and companies to his credit. Among others, Able Bionics which is a nonprofit organization that helps people walk again using exoskeleton therapy.

Here is the website:

Our current project, the one I mentioned to you on the phone, is a design and build of a new type of exoskeleton. This exoskeleton will enable the wearer to walk on all fours, crouch, get up and walk upright.

Our website:

Here are some of the reasons that have lead us to choose this design:

  • · Walking on all fours is the natural progression of the human being towards walking in an upright position.
  • · Some studies point to the possibility for recovery of a partial spinal cord injury, using quadrupedal exercises.
  • · An exoskeleton that can move in all these positions provides greater autonomy for the user.
  • · This, to name a few.


Our immediate goal is to validate our design idea with the public (professionals [physiotherapists and researchers] and consumers). To do this, we created a short survey so as to distribute it to as many people as possible (we’re looking for a minimum of 100 responses). We are looking for direct and honest feedback.


This survey takes at most 5 minutes to complete.


Here's our survey:



To be clear, all responses are voluntary and will be confidential. Responses will not be identified by individual. All responses will be compiled together and analyzed as a group.


In case this might be of interest to you, here is a short video of our founder, Mitchel Brogan, on the show Dragons' Den for one of his previous projects.



   Password: exoplus


Thanks in advance!